What do we offer


What do we offer?

Trust all your troubles in the construction to the reliable professionals. We will be responsible for your construction work and excellent final result from that moment. Our extensive experience has taught us to organize precisely, execute and deliver in time all construction works.
We believe that the respect for the customer begins with: precise estimates, a detailed implementation plan, regular information about the progress of work and high-quality result. Surely, a written guarantee is provided to all the work. Our foremen do not rush out among dozens of different clients; therefore, are always available and are ready to answer your questions. You will know the exact work estimate and the realization plan; hence, on the day of the commissioning of the project you will not experience any stress. This is due to the quality policy of our company and the pursued main goal - 100% satisfied customer and precisely realized construction work solution.

Why do you need us?

We believe that planning the construction work you wish to get the best result at a reasonable price. You are truly looking for different professional teams that could cope with individual tasks in the best mode requirement. After you have found the executives, you face new challenges; you must agree the working hours of different teams. In the next stage, your headache starts on how to properly set out the sequence of works and not to make an error. Finally, it often happens that the time is flying away, foremen are hiding, the work is delayed, while the estimate ends in a higher amount than you have imagined. Think whether you really want to experience that yourselves.

What objects are we engaged?

All below listed construction work can be carried out both within individual holdings, houses and apartments as well as within commercial or industrial objects owned by legal persons. We do not care about the existing stage of your building; it can be both new construction and repair or partial reconstruction. We care about the qualitative end result, and the satisfied customer. We work across Western Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.


What works do we execute?

Have a look at our services rendered that we have split into categories. As we attempt to meet each customer's most sophisticated expectations, we did not mention the greater part of unit specific works. We wish to start saving your time here and now. Just be free to raise your specific wishes, and we will prepare the maximum acceptable overall service solution.

The construction of a new object

  • Mounting and pouring of foundation
  • Bricklaying or block laying
  • The mounting of carcass walls
  • Masonry and mounting of internal walls
  • Roof construction and covering

Interior finishing work

  • Coverage by plywood, OSB, plasterboard panels
  • Plaster works
  • Painting of walls and ceiling
  • Gluing of wallpaper, wallpapering
  • Laying of tiles and gluing
  • Laying of various floor coverings

Electrical installation work

  • Electrical network design
  • 220V network wirings
  • Installation of electrical points of use
  • Alarm installation
  • Installation of video surveillance system

Heating and Ventilation

  • Mounting of air conditioners
  • Installation of climate control system
  • The system of heat exchangers
  • The connection of solar cells
  • The installation of underfloor heating

Water supply and sewage system

  • Laying of water mains
  • Installation of sewage system
  • Sanitary installations
  • Water filtration systems

Improvement works of surroundings

  • Gardening and tree pruning
  • Paving
  • Garden- kitchen garden irrigation system