Quality policy

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Quality policy

What is important for our customers?

You want your construction work to be carried out professionally, qualitatively and on time. Each project will begin from an indepth analysis of your needs. The realization process will go on according to the prepared detailed plan. Do you want to get the maximum quality at a reasonable price? Are you eager to see the flawless result of the work on the day of commissioning the object? We have been improving our company's work processes long, as the Swiss their watch mechanisms. We reached that on the day of commissioning the object you felt satisfied. Do you know many of builders who could do more?

What is important to us?

We do not follow a policy to sell separate construction services, and always offer an acceptable integrated solution that meets the customer's expectations. We are not out of reach for an indefinite period when customers have questions. During construction process we are always available. We do not escape from the responsibility for our work. We always submit a written guarantee and comply with contract terms. We do not have any hidden taxes or charges, as we have always maintained and will maintain 100% transparent tax policy the way as law requires in every country in which we operate.

What do we all care about?

We follow a healthy and safe environment policy (HSE) in our business. We solve the arising problems by a certified LEAN method ′plan, do, check, act.′ The standardized problem-solving method allows to identify problems and effectively eliminate the causes. Simultaneously, we provide staff trainings and increase their knowledge about the environment. The regulated, permanent internal company control ensures less consumption of resources, proper waste management, re-use or recycling of raw materials. This way we contribute to the reduction of damage to the environment, employees, customers and the public.

Quality facts and certificates

  • NEN 4400-2
  • VCA
  • ID06
  • Lansforsakringar
  • Byggnads
  • Wikells
  • Anno