Who we are?

Our story began back in 2016. From unknown name to preferable contractor for main market players in a year. We knew what we do, and did it professionally. We organize precisely, execute and deliver in time. We reached that from day one to the day of commissioning the object you felt satisfied. Do you know many of builders who could do more? Leave all your construction issues to us. Whether you are a private or top notch real estate developer save your time here and now. Choose us.

What We Can Offer?

Private clients

  • new house from scratch

  • house refurbishment

  • house extension

  • inside interior

  • terrace

  • paving

Commercial clients

  • drywalls

  • timber frame house assembling

  • concrete elements assembling

  • bricklaying

  • windows/doors mounting

  • furniture assembling


  • all types of roofs

  • all shapes and sizes

  • new roof installation

  • roof change/repair

  • roof windows installation

  • plating


  • demolition works

  • installation works

  • water proof treatment

  • heating floors

  • tilling

  • sanitary installation


  • laying of water mains

  • installation of sewage system

  • installation of sewage system

  • floor heating systems

  • irrigation systems

  • heating systems


  • electrical network design

  • 220V network wirings

  • installation of electrical points of use

  • alarm systems installation

  • installation of video surveillance system

  • lighting installation

Featured Projects

We presents the following case studies that exemplify the type of solutions and services we are providing across our customer base.

Statements of HSE Policy

•Provide and maintain safe working environment and equipment;

•Constant communication with employees on matters affecting their health, safety and environmental issues;

•Provide information, instructions and supervision for employees;

•Ensuring all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training;

•Minimize emission, discharge and waste generation to environment and commit to prevention of pollution;

•Dispose waste safely and responsibly after taking measures to reuse, recycle, refurbish and recover;

•Ensure that business activities are conducted to prevent harm to our customers, employees, contractors, the public, other stakeholders and the environment;

•Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activities;

•Review and revise HSE policy as necessary at regular intervals

HSE Policy
Implementation and operation
Checking and evaluating
Managment review